Molenaar publishes the composition "Fanfarria, Op.50"

Molenaar publishes the composition "Fanfarria, Op.50"

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The prestigious dutch publisher Molenaar has just published the composition that Javier Pérez Garrido wrote for the First Centennial of the Banda Municipal de Alicante concert band last year.

Consequently, "Fanfarria, Op.50" has been included in the New Compositions for Concert Band 13 catalogue where everybody can check the scores and even listen to some excerpts.

In addition to this, Molenaar will release a Cd recording titled "Overture to Avalon" (New compositions for Concert Band 61) including the Fanfarria by Pérez Garrido, among others. The performers will be the band Conservatorio de Música do Porto Wind Orchestra conducted by Fernando Marinho.


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