• Pérez Garrido composes a commissioned work for the WASBE Conference, 2019

    The symphonic band C.I.M. la Armónica de Buñol directed by Mr. José Tello Espert has recently commisioned a symphonic composition to Javier Pérez Garrido for being premiered at the WASBE Conference, 2019. The work, entitled "Last Day of the Dinosaurs" (Sinfonietta nº1, Op.63), will be worldwide premiered next July 12th at Auditorio de San Luis, Buñol, Valencia. This symphonic composition is divided into 9 different movements that speak about some iconic dinosaurs (triceratops, alamosaurus, pterosaurus, velociraptos, tiranossaurus rex, etc.) and their last day of life before their extinction (just where the impact of the asteroid hit the Earth -at about 66 million years ago-). 

    This concert will also have the world premieres of Gregory Fritze (Phoenix) and Santi Miguel (Symphony nº1). Click here for more info.

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