The International Trumpet Guild commissioned Pérez Garrido to compose a work

The International Trumpet Guild commissioned Pérez Garrido to compose a work

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The International Trumpet Guild has ordered Javier Pérez Garrido to compose a work for four trumpets and concert band for its 38th festival. Other composers such as Jim Stephenson and Erik Morales will compose works too. All compositions will be premiered during the festival's opening and recorded in a Cd that is going to be internationally sold in 2015.

The soloists for the premiere, even though it could be change, will be José Chafer, Rex Richardson, Jens Lindeman, Richard Stoelzel or Vicent DiMartino while the band's conductor will be the acclaimed Barry Martin. The style of Javier's composition, selected by the festival, will be the Spanish traditional one.

The International Trumpet Guild is one of the main events dedicated to trumpeters. In general, there is an average of 1.500 professional worldwide trumpeters taking part of it. For this 38th occasion, held in June (from 11 to 15th), will have the following famous musicians: Arturo Sandoval, Matthias Höfs, Allen Vizzutti, Jens Lindemann, Stephen Burns, Vincent DiMartino, Reinhold Friedrich, Steven Hendrickson, Thomas Hooten, Mark Inouye, Craig Morris, Adam Rapa, Rex Richardson, Terell Stafford, Barbara Butler, James Ackley, Brandon Almagro, Eric Berlin, Joseph Bowman, David Brown, David Champouillon, Dai Zhonghui, Dodworth Saxhorn Band, Brian Evans, Gaudete Brass Quintet, David Hickman, Alan Hood, Rich Illman, Matthias Kamps, Jean Moorehead Libs, Bill Lucas, Del Lyren, Scott Meredith, James Olcott, Daniel Patrylak, William Pfund, Marc Reed, Brandon Ridenour, Wiff Rudd, Michael Sachs, Christopher Sala, Judith Saxton, Ruben Simeo, Pamela Smitter, TrombaMania, U.S. Navy Band Brass Quintet, Christopher Wilson, etc.


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