The International Competition for Soloists and Chamber musicians "RO, 2012" has a winner

The International Competition for Soloists and Chamber musicians "RO, 2012" has a winner

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The clarinetist Carlos Gigante Sevilla from Manzanares (Ciudad Real) has just received the First Prize during the International Competition for Soloists and Chamber groups "RO, 2012".

This international contest has been created by composer and clarinetist Javier Pérez Garrido who gave the possibility to the contestants, thanks to his facebook fanpage, to have a huge audience.

The requirement for taking part was submitting a video or audio recording of his composition "Ro, for any instrument" which is an indeterministic and romantic work that requires the interpreter to develop its creativity due to the reason that it only has one melodic line accompained by harmonic functions and has to be repeated freely admitting any possible variation.

The good work of Carlos Gigante has been supported by most facebook fans of Javier Pérez Garrido (mainly professional musicians, music students or passionate music lovers) who were responsible for choosing the winning contestant by their vows.

The winner will receive a diploma of the First Prize as well as the original score of "Ro" personally handwritten and dedicated to him by the composer Javier Pérez Garrido, besides spreading his video on Pérez Garrido's youtube channel and other different social networks. Furthermore, a personal interview will appear on Javier's website.

We want thank all other participants for their good performances and wish them all the best during their music careers: Aitor Hernández, guitarist, Loreto Lledó, clarinetist, Islana oboe group and Alejandro Carreras, saxophonist.


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