Musicians from Spain, Portugal and The Netherlands will compete during the “Ro, 2016” competition

Musicians from Spain, Portugal and The Netherlands will compete during the “Ro, 2016” competition

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The International Competition for Soloists and Chamber Groups "Ro 2016" continues growing up. For this third occasion, it will feature participants not only from Spain but also from Portugal and the Netherlands.

The contestants have just recorded their own versions of the composition Heart-shaped romance. This compulsory piece, composed by Javier Pérez Garrido, will be premiered online during this musical competition.

The video recordings will be uploaded to Javier Pérez Garrido’s official facebook page from February 27th to March 5th. Only fans from the mentioned page will vote for their favorite performance by clicking “like” on the video (likes from other people will not be considered).

The most voted video on April 30th (5.00 p.m –Spanish time–) will won the Honorable Mention of the “Ro, 2016” competition. On the other hand, a renowned jury will decide the winner of the First Prize. Winners will be announced on May 15th.

We want to thank all contestants for their great performances and wish them the best of luck.




February 27th: ALÈ Quartet from Valencia (SPAIN)


Marta Córdova Zafrilla, flute

Alexandra Baquero Vázquez, flute

Ismael Ibáñez Alemany, flute

Altea Martínez Navarro, flute


February 28th: Clarinetist Samuel Marques from Salreu (PORTUGAL)


February 29th: Hornist Alexandro García from Almoradí (SPAIN)


Mach 1st: Bolonor Musical from Serón (SPAIN)


Juan Berruezo, trombone

Cándido Berruezo, saxophone

Ismael Lorenzo, tuba

Carlos Lorenzo, percussion

José Rodríguez, trumpet

Juan Ramón Jiménez, saxophone


Mach 2nd: 'Duoff' from Zwolle (THE NETHERLANDS)


Alberto Pérez Jurado, tuba

Laura González Cano, piano


Mach 3rd: Hangin Quintet from Valencia (SPAIN)


Isabel María Carrasco Conejero, flute

Sonia Rincón Matarranz, oboe

Fernando Miguel Casañ Pérez, horn

Christian Vendrell Teruel, bassoon

Alexandre Escrivà Grau, clarinet


Mach 4th: Clarinetist Roberto Rodríguez Escudero from Los Montesinos (SPAIN)


Mach 5th: Violinist & singer Ariadna Gabarrell Gratal from Madrid (SPAIN)



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