• "Heroic Overture, Op.26a": mandatory piece by I International Conducting Workshop & Competition "Villa de Pozo Estrecho"

    The Heroic Overture, Op.26a by Javier Pérez Garrido is one of the selected works of this important event. This workshop-contest will host important teachers such as the conductors Víctor Enguídanos Royo (Tercio de Levante), Francisco Javier Gutierrez Juan (Municipal of Seville), Héctor Jesús Hurtado Salazar (SAM Santa Cecilia) and the composer Javier Pérez Garrido (CSMN). The selected students, from different countries, will receive some lessons, including an analitic approach to the Heroic Overture by professor Pérez Garrido and will conduct during the concert for opting to the competition prizes. The final concert will be at Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy in Cartagena, Spain (july 8th, 19.00 p.m)


  • Javier Pérez Garrido, "cum laude" doctor

    Javier Pérez Garrido has achieved a remarkable milestone in his academic career by obtaining a Doctorate with honors from the University of Murcia. His doctoral thesis has made history as the first methodological approach designed specifically for clarinetists to learn flamenco.

  • Mozart vs. Beethoven: Who Was the Better Composer?

    Today we delve into the eternal musical debate: Mozart or Beethoven? It's like asking if chocolate or vanilla is better, if you're a dog person or a cat person, or if you prefer party nights to movie nights on the couch. It’s not easy! But here we are, ready to dive into a discussion that has ignited lively conversations and left lifelong friends in awkward silence on more than one occasion.

  • Pérez Garrido completes his residency as a composer at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls

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  • Premiere of Works from the Contemporary Composition Techniques Classroom at CSMN

    The first interdisciplinary project of the Conservatory of Music in Navarra between the Violin classroom of Professor Garazi Echeandia and the Contemporary Music Composition Techniques classroom of Professor Javier Pérez Garrido will culminate this week with the premiere of two works created and performed for the occasion by students. Specifically, the compositions "Sorgin Gaua" by Izaro Txapartegui and "Exploraciones" by Nicolás Iribas will be presented. The first performance of these works will be given by the violinists who have collaborated in this creative experience: Elena González and Rosa Bermejo.

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