Pérez Garrido, winner by VII International Composition Contest 'Vila de Muro'

Pérez Garrido, winner by VII International Composition Contest 'Vila de Muro'

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One of the most prestigious composition competition of symphonic music for bands, the International Composition Contest 'Vila de Muro', has just declared winner the band work “Halloween Suite, Op.57” by composer and conductor Javier Pérez Garrido. Preceded by renowned artist based in New York Johan de Meij -winner of the 6th edition with “Fifty Shades of E”- Javier has already achieved to be one of the important personalities awarded by this competition.

The jury, consisting on important composers and conductors such as Laszlo Marosi, Bart Picqueur and Xavier Pagés Corella highlighted the great quality of all submitted works from all over the world and unanimously awarded the prize to Javier Pérez Garrido. 

The award ceremony –that includes the premiere of the winning work by the band Unió Musical de Muro and conductor Rafael García Vidal- will be held in Alicante, Spain (January, 2019).

“Halloween Suite, Op.57” is a symphonic and descriptive band music composition divided into the following five movements; “March of the Darkness”, “Wizards Interlude”, “Ghost Waltz”, “Evil’s Chorale” and “Zoombies Party”.

Appart of this recognition, Pérez Garrido has also recently won the prize "Adalid de la Música" thanks to his "Ave María" from "Nuptial Mass, Op.40" for soprano, organ and string orchestra.


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