The Spanish Navy Band releases a new album with Pérez Garrido music

The Spanish Navy Band releases a new album with Pérez Garrido music

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This new CD recording shows a careful selection of wind band music works by Javier Pérez Garrido. This wonderful project has been recorded by the Spanish Navy Band under the baton of Commander Jaime Enguídanos.

The selected pieces -composed between the years 2003/17 and awarded at several prizes including the Akademia Music Awards in Los Ángeles- show a great variety of styles and music forms aimed at a wide audience.

“Obertura Heroica” (Heroic Overture) is the title of this new álbum that has the scoop of being the first world recording of the included music. It has been recently launched on youtube and you can watch here the online presentation -with some music excerpts-


If you are interested on getting this Cd recording or on playing any of Pérez Garrido band music Works do not hesítate to contact us by email:  

Included Works:

1. Heroic Overture, Op.26a (Symphonic Poem)
2. Santo Grial (Christian March)
3. Far West Fantasy (American Fantasy)
4. Song for Peace (Overture)
5. An Irish Dream (Irish Fantasy)
6. Marcha del Ditirambo (Ancient Roma March)
7. Anniversary Overture (Overture)
8. 1952 (Military March)
9. A Trip to Spain (Spanish Suite)
10. Mediterranean Kiss (Spanish Fantasy)
11. Asociación Musical “El Castillo”, Op.24 (Pasodoble)
12. Carmen Checa Jiménez, Op.8 (Pasodoble)
13. Amiguiño, Op.5 (Fandango)



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