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Heroic Overture, Op.26a

Friday, 19 December 2014

Concert Music / Symphonic Overture

Grade 5

15 min. aprox.

Heroic and triumphal symphonic overture for band premiered by Banda da Armada Portuguesa at Portuguese Navy Day in Lisbon, 2016.

Program notes

This heroic and triumphant overture is divided into three big sections -plus an introduction with a solo played by a trumpeter-. Therefore, its enormous structure is similar to a Symphonic Poem.  Interventions by brass and percussion instruments are really important as well as the gentleness and romanticism that prevails in the second section and is transformed into a passionate and magnificent chorale before starting the last part of this work.

Heroic Overture, Op.26a has several influences by american music and orchestration styles. By listening to it we can imagine one of the famous Hollywood films.

The original version, for symphony orchestra, was commissioned by Murcia Youth Orchestra (OJRM) in 2008. The concert band version was premiered by Banda da Armada Portuguesa in Lisbon during Navy Day, 2016.



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PREVIEW PART Trumpet in Bb 1



May 20th, 2016
Portuguese Navy Day. Museu da Marinha, Lisboa (PORTUGAL)
Banda da Armada Portuguesa / Délio Gonçalves, conductor



Obertura Heroica



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