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A trip to Spain

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Concert Music / Spanish Suite

Grade 3

9 min. aprox.

Band composition that describes the most representative Spanish cities, commissioned and premiered by Didsbury High School Symphonic Winds from Canada.

Program notes

I. A night in Seville
II. Romance in the Alhambra
III. Chotis of the bear and the strawberry tree
II. Sardana in Castell de Montjuic
III. Canadians in Valencia

A trip to Spain, also known as Un viaje por España, is a descriptive composition for concert band where we can find five pieces inspired by the traditional music styles from Seville, Granada, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

The first movement, A night in Seville, is an enthusiastic and joyful band work composed in the style of the spanish sevillanas, the most famous music style not only from the city of Seville but also from Andalusia.

The second piece, Romance in the Alhambra, tells us some stories. Since its construction by the Muslims in the 9th century there have been many romantic affairs inside their bright and sensual palaces. Arabic king Boabdil had to leave his lands in 1492 after losing the war against catholic kings Ferdinand and Isabella and Granada was Spanish again after 777 years of Arabic invasion.

A bear climbing into a strawberry tree is the main symbol of the capital of Spain, Madrid, and the chotis is the most representative music from their citizens. In this third movement, Chotis of the bear and the strawberry tree, the bear starts to dance a chotis with the strawberry tree in a comical and passionate way.

Through the fourth piece, Sardana in Castell de Montjuic, we can travel to the Middle Ages. The sardana is a medieval dance from Catalonia and Castell de Montjuic is the most famous castle of Barcelona.

Canadians in Valencia is the final movement of this composition. It has been composed using the national anthems of Canada and Spain, both of them turned into one of the most famous music styles of Valencia, the pasodoble. At the end of the piece and in a cheerful way, the two anthems are played simultaneously and a little music pattern taken from and old bullfighting song is chosen for ending this band work.



Contact composer:





Kirk Wassmer and the Didsbury High School Symphonic Winds, Canada.



April 16th, 2015
Spain Tour – Opening Concert
Teatro Auditorio Federico García Lorca. Madrid (SPAIN)
Didsbury High School Symphonic Winds, Canada / Javier Pérez Garrido, conductor



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