Javier Pérez Garrido joins the Latin Grammy Awards

Javier Pérez Garrido joins the Latin Grammy Awards

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Javier Pérez Garrido has been selected as a member of the Latin Recording Academy, a distinction of great relevance in the music industry. This designation highlights his remarkable contribution and talent in the realm of Latin music, solidifying his position as an outstanding professional in this field.

Pérez Garrido's relationship with Latin music has been significant throughout his career as a composer and clarinetist, as evidenced by his collaboration with the Simón Bolívar during the tour through Central Europe in 2013. Additionally, among his compositions for music bands, works such as Beethoven is dancing Salsa!, a fusion of Latin rhythms with the melodies of the German genius, accompanied by choreographies performed by the musicians, stand out. Also, his Latin Suite, Op.52, composed of salsa, bachata, and cha-cha-cha movements recently recorded in the latest album of the Sauces de Cartagena Musical Group, pays an emotional tribute to the diversity and vitality of Latin music.

Likewise, Javier was awarded at the International Competition of Isla Verde, Argentina, for his talent in integrating Latin American elements into newly created works, such as the Latin American Overture, Op.45 for a brass ensemble. This skill is also evident in his tangos, such as the Three Sad Tangos, Op.41 for piano, which incorporates elements of avant-garde music fused with the richness of Argentine tango, or combined with structures from other eras such as Classicism in Sonatango, Op. 39 for clarinet and piano or Baroque in the flute, clarinet, and saxophone versions of the award-winning work in the Global Music Awards "Tango Suite, Op.36".

"Inclusion in the Latin Grammy family represents a validation of my professional career and an inspiration for the creation of new works and projects related to Latin American music," Pérez Garrido noted, envisioning a future full of promises and opportunities in the vibrant world of Latin music.


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