• "Back to Normandy", a new international Cd release

    The renowned band music publishing house Molenaar Editions (The Netherlands) has just published a new Cd recording titled “Back to Normandy” that includes the European Overture by Javier Pérez Garrido. The Portuguese Air Force Band conducted by Lt. Col. Elio Luis Salsinha Murcho have been the performers of this emblematic recording for celebrating the 75 anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy.

  • Andalusian music for trumpetist José Chafer’s new Cd recording

    José Chafer has started a great Cd recording in Murcia this week. Manu Mellaerts, Slawomir Cichor, Raúl García and Javier Artigas will be playing during some of the recordings as well as the Banda Sinfónica del Conservatorio Superior de Murcia concert band and conductor Luis Pedrón.

  • Another recognition to Pérez Garrido by Global Music Awards

    The album "Textures" by trumpetist José Chafer has recently won the Silver Medal by Global Music Awards, California. This cd recording includes, among other compositions, the Concertino de los Filabres, Op.54 for four trumpets and band by Javier Pérez Garrido. The piece, commissioned by the 38th International Trumpet Guild, was premiered in Michigan and, since 2013, has been played in some American and European countries. The Global Music Awards reward again Pérez Garrido for the fourth time during the last three years.

  • Composer Pérez Garrido wins the Akademia Music Awards

    The internationally renowned competition based in Los Ángeles, the Akademia Music Awards, has just announced the musicians that will be officially awarded during the next Gala Event in California, 2019. Among them, Spanish composer Javier Pérez Garrido has won at the “Best Song: Instrumental/Ambiental” category for composing the symphonic fantasy based on the legendary and wild west Far West Fantasy.

  • First Prize for Javier Pérez Garrido in Toledo

    Javier Pérez Garrido won the First Prize by the I National Concert Band Composition Competition Toledo last monday with his work "Rex Regum, Op.23".

  • Javier Pérez Garrido won the Global Music Awards

    The californian prizes Global Music Awards have given to Javier Pérez Garrido the Gold and Bronze Medals at the Music Composition category. The awarded pieces have been "Fantasía, Op.14" -Gold Medal- and "Fanfarria, Op.50" -Bronze Medal and also Nominee to the Hollywood Music in Media Awards-. Both of them are composed for concert band.

  • Molenaar publishes the composition "Fanfarria, Op.50"

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  • Molenaar will sell scores and cd recordings of the European Overture

    The Banda de Música da Força Aérea concert band (Portugal) conducted by maestro T. Col. Elio Murcho have just recorded in Lisbon the composition "European Overture, Op.42" by Javier Pérez Garrido. This Cd recording as well as the music scores will be published by Molenaar Editions all over the world.

  • Pérez Garrido is awarded again by the National Composition Competition from Toledo

    Javier Pérez Garrido has just been awarded again. This time he won the First Honorical Mention by III National Concert Band Composition Competition Toledo, Spain. 

  • Pérez Garrido, on tour in the US with several premieres and participation at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago

    Javier will stay as a composer in residence at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where he also have two premieres with the Symphony Band under the direction of Dr. Kristin Tjornehoj. The concert, at William Abott Concert Hall (December, 9th) will have the first world performance of a new version of Concertino de los Filabres, for 2 solo trumpets and band, as well as the American premiere of his sinfonietta nº1, Op.63 Last Day of the Dinosaurs, a piece commissioned by Banda Sinfónica del C.I.M. "La Armónica de Buñol" for being premiered during the WASBE Conference, 2019.

  • Silver Medal by Global Music Awards, California

    The Global Music Awards from California has just granted a Silver Medal in the Best Album Category to the disc Sounds of the clarinet. Recorded by internationally acclaimed clarinetist JM Santandreu this Cd includes the work Tango Suite, Op.36a composed by Javier Pérez Garrido. This important American musical contest where competing many renowned musicians from around the world has decided to reward again the creative work of Javier Pérez Garrido, who already won the Gold and Bronze medals in the Composition Category (2014) with his symphonic works Fantasía, Op.14 and Fanfare, Op.50.

  • The album "Obertura Heroica" is awarded by Global Music Awards

    The CD recording "Obertura Heroica", a selection of wind band music composed by Pérez Garrido with the performance of the Spanish Navy Band under the direction of Commander Jaime Enguídanos Royo, has just been internationally recognized by Global Music Awards in California, with two awards at the "Best Album" and "Classica Music" categories.

  • The Global Music Awards grant a new prize to Pérez Garrido

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  • The International Trumpet Guild commissioned Pérez Garrido to compose a work

    The International Trumpet Guild has ordered Javier Pérez Garrido to compose a work for four trumpets and concert band for its 38th festival. Other composers such as Jim Stephenson and Erik Morales will compose works too. All compositions will be premiered during the festival's opening and recorded in a Cd that is going to be internationally sold in 2015.

  • The Spanish Navy Band releases a new album with Pérez Garrido music

    This new CD recording shows a careful selection of wind band music works by Javier Pérez Garrido. This wonderful project has been recorded by the Spanish Navy Band under the baton of Commander Jaime Enguídanos.

  • The Spanish Navy Band will record a CD with Pérez Garrido music

    The Spanish Navy Band under the baton of Commander Jaime Enguídanos will be recording the first monographic CD of Pérez Garrido music next month. 

  • “Esencias 3” Cd release

    The official release of “Esencias 3” Cd recording by “Vert” clarinet quartet will be this evening (19.30 p.m.) in Auditorio Municipal de Música, Carcaixent, Valencia, Spain.

    This double album has the compositions Impressions by José Grau Benedito (Valencia), Cantos del mar by Esperanza Zubieta Trives (Santander), Pa que guzte pa tocá by Pere Sanz Alcover (Valencia), Chacona by Santiago Quinto Serna (Alicante), Cuarteto nº1 Op.53 “Trágico” by Javier Pérez Garrido (Murcia), Pasodoble per a quatre by Juan Bta. Meseguer Llopis (Valencia), Molly overture by Rodrigo Buenestado (Madrid) and Promenades suite by Vasco M. N. Pereira (Portugal), all of them commissioned and premiered by “Vert” clarinet quartet.

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